Date de sortie: 16/01/2020
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Just like Gengoroh Tagame, Kuro Nohara is a major figure in the world of gay manga in Japan. Discover his work legally in Engligh through a cute romance suitable for general audience : "Staring at Your Back".

Takeru Inomata is a high school student living in a small provincial town. Rumors, marriage, children, or things people'd rather leave unsaid... it all goes way over his head. He's just living a quiet life without trouble or passion, taking each day as it comes. That is, until a new student enroll in his school. Takeru's surprised to discover that the newcomer is none other than Kotaro, one of his classmates from elementary school. Soon, the teenagers start getting closer to each other... Is it the beginning of a new love ?

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Type de publication: Chapitre
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Format: 112 x 176 mm
ISBN : 978-B083TG8ZQS
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Staring at your back Ch.0
Staring at your back Ch.1
Staring at your back Ch.2
Staring at your back Ch.3
Staring at your back Ch.5
Staring at your back Ch.6
Staring at your back Ch.7